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Aloha in the Age of Covid

With a pandemic that has impacted each and every one of us, Chrissy and I wanted to mark this moment in time. 

There’s no place we’d rather ride out the COVID event than here, at home, in Hawaii. True story – we live in the same building! Here’s a view from Chrissy’s place.

Even while we experience this bizarre, confusing and unfathomable period of time we still feel “Lucky to Live Hawaii”.

Our island possesses nature’s blessing and benevolence. We are surrounded by beauty, hope and Aloha. 

P.S. Having happy hour every night with an ocean view has not been much of a hardship either

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run it, walk it, or ride it – a holoholo map of diamond head and surrounds

With year round picture perfect weather and inspiring scenic opportunities, our island lures us outside and encourages movement. We love this area and mapped out a walking, biking or running route that is just shy of 9 miles.

Tackle a portion or go for the entire route – just be sure to enjoy the highlights. We marked ideal spots to rest, picnic, or take a selfie.

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