what is aloha holoholo?

Holoholo is a Hawaiian expression meaning to hang out, take a journey for fun, and enjoy yourself.  alohaholoholo.com is a Hawai’i lifestyle blog where you will find out about hip cafés, out-of-doors pursuits, utopian beaches, sharp boutiques, tasty grinds and features on islanders we consider uncommonly intriguing.

who is aloha holololo?

Chrissy and I are two friends who live and work in Honolulu. Chrissy is the photographer who loves shooting all of our images, while Laura (that is me) writes and posts our content. Together we choose where we will go and what we will cover. Equally passionate about our island, we thrive in Hawai’i because we love diversity, travel, people, and pursuing what’s new or under-discovered. Our enthusiasm, gratitude and aloha is infectious and we have fun everywhere we go.

why aloha holoholo?

Chrissy & I genuinely love life in Hawai’i and created this blog for anyone who may share our love for Hawai’i and may not be able to find all these things on their own.  Whether you’re a fellow islander looking for “something different”, a visitor interested in the “local” experience, or simply dreaming of our shores – let’s go holoholo!


more about chrissy lambert…,

Chrissy embodies the ”work hard, play hard” concept. Whether she is taking photos, working out, carpooling kids, running her business, or multitasking between it all – she approaches everything with equal amounts of verve, discipline and fun!

The mother of identical twin boys, who are truly swell kids, she shares her gusto for the great outdoors, travel, fitness, and creativity with them. Each son with their own unique identity, she understands, encourages and supports their individual pursuits. A valuable and consistent life message she bestows upon them both is the importance of being a good citizen of the world.

Chrissy Lambert Photography was founded in 1997. She credits her bicultural and bilingual background (born in Tokyo and raised in Japan, Guam, and Hawai’i) as fundamental to her development as a cosmopolitan artist. Known for capturing the big and small moments in life with a keen balance of storytelling and spontaneity, she is one of Hawai’i’s most popular wedding photojournalist and a published photographer whose images are routinely featured in leading national and international wedding publications.


more about laura ann lewis…,

Living in Honolulu has exceeded my wildest dreams. For over two decades I’ve been happy and grateful for the kiss of sunshine, plumeria scented breezes, healing ocean waters, gorgeous beaches, lush mountains, and the aloha extended by the people of Hawai’i.

My loving husband David, family and friends comprise my inner circle of willing accomplices and companions for meals, art museums, movies, socializing, biking, hiking, running, travel (especially to Paris) and the myriad of other ways to be learning and in motion. In solo moments, I often read, research, learn and nap on the porch. I count raising my two sons, good men that I am proud of, among my most meaningful personal accomplishments.

On the professional side, I own Parasol Events, a respected event planning company established in 2004. Being an event planner has been an excellent fit for my skill set which includes, organizing, prioritizing, building and leading teams, time management, budget development, an eye for beauty + function, and most satisfying of all the opportunity to produce memorable events for my clients.

holoholo with us and we’ll share our aloha with you.

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