half ironman training – blood, sweat and tears


We didn’t know there would be so much crying. Now midway through our half ironman training, we know that the concept of a triathlon – Swim. Bike. Run. is deceptively simple.

We grew up doing all three of these sports and have stayed active, so why not?  Reasoning that because swimming, biking and running are a blast – a “triathlon” must be fun cubed. Basking in the joy of selecting our new bikes and gear, kicking back at Island Triathlon & Bike, socializing with local cyclists and orienting ourselves to the biking community, we felt prepped for what came next – the actual workouts.

On our first day though, we seesawed between poise and panic. Riding outdoors in a group was brilliant, but needing to unclip from a pedal at every stop was nerve-wracking and stressful.  Every cyclist can recount an unclipping misadventure and we’re no exception. Blood and embarrassment included.

We had both expected the physical demands but the emotional havoc we experienced during the first few weeks took us by surprise. The most fitting way to characterize these three weeks is the expression “crying at the drop of a hat”. In hindsight, we were just plain worn out.

It was the sheer fatigue – accumulated from a steep learning curve + riding faster + cycling more efficiently + biking on a trainer and on the road + the miles. The miles.

So how are we feeling now? Like champs! Last week, we did the previously unimaginable – rode up Tantalus non stop! Our coach, Will Mather, knew we were ready even when we did not. Victory is sweet – we’re stronger, more confident and skilled. Worth every tear…with four weeks to go.

Velohana Cycling |Island Triathlon & Bike
569 Kapahulu Ave.
Honolulu, HI 96815

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