fete – the dinner party in chinatown

Imagine a Parisian bistro – the small cosy tables, white small plates, soft cloth napkins and wine glasses at the ready. Now fill this warm inviting atmosphere with Aloha, friendly professionals and passionate foodies. Viola! You have Fête.

Named Fête, a French word defined as a festive gathering, it also evokes sophistication. Had Chrissy and I been there and only drank, ate, snapped a few pics and asked for “L’addition s’il vous plaît” our dining experience would have been pleasant but incomplete. We would have missed the spirit of the name.

Run by husband and wife team, Chuck and Robynne, it not only offered us a relaxed setting to drink wine and have a delicious meal but as Chuck explained the name Fête is more. It captures the spirit of all the NYC apartment dinner parties they he and Robynne threw. It is their way of recreating a space as if it were their apartment for them to host us and they want us to feel like dinner guests with them. Ahh.., so Fête is also a state of mind.

We embraced that joie de vivre and ramped up our social butterfly mode. Like any great dinner party there was a diverse mix of guests and mingling is definitely encouraged. We found out we were in the company of sommeliers who explained to us that the wine list at Fête is among the best in the city. Patrons one table over were in the hospitality biz and they regularly meet to pau hana and hang out at Fête also because of the excellent wine selection as well as the menu of seasonal dishes. The theme of the night was the wine list for those in the know is as big of a draw as the ono food. So do go – say hi, aloha, or bonjour to your neighbor, see what they are having, ask what they ordered – don’t be shy – they’re right next to you at the same party 🙂

2 North Hotel Street
Honolulu, HI 96817

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we wish you a merry santa

Do you believe in Santa? That was my question to Chrissy’s twelve year old identical twin sons yesterday. What surprised me was that even though they, along with the majority of their sixth grade classmates, say they don’t believe – they still want to. I get that.

Santa embodies the spirit of the holiday. Rosy cheeked and full of cheer, he knows if you’ve been naughty or nice, and is kind regardless. Believing in a Santa makes the world feel magical and full of pleasant possibilities. Santa still makes me happy: so when kids ask me what I think, my response is  “I ❤️ Santa!”

From Aloha Holoholo – we send you “Santa” aloha😌

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