best acai in honolulu – says me

Chrissy, is a huge fan of acai bowls. Ask her and she will recite her favorite places, island wide, where she scores her bowls. Accomplices in many things, this wasn’t one of them – that is not until the day I had an acai bowl from Nalu Health Bar & Cafe.

We chose to cover Nalu Health Bar &Cafe in Kailua because I’d been raving about their fresh salads and perfectly prepared ahi.

Being Chrissy’s first visit, she wanted to try the ahi but not at the expense of missing out on an acai bowl opportunity!

Chrissy – “Will you help me eat the bowl?”

Me – “Meh”.

That changed when Jorge Munoz, one of Nalu’s co-owners, gave me the low down on their specially imported Acai that comes straight from the Amazon and described the deep purple color that demonstrates purity and authenticity.

From the first bite it was unique, better and less “processed” than any acai I’d eaten before. At Nalu you actually taste acai and it’s delicious – they’ve set the bar! So now when Chrissy wants company to get an acai bowl, I’ll join her on the condition that we go to Nalu Health Bar & Cafe. Fortunately, with the opening of their second location at South Shore Market, it’s right down the block.

Nalu Health Bar & Cafe
South Shore Market
1170 Auahi Street. Suite 145
Honolulu, HI 96814
808. 597.8871

131 Hekili Street, Suite 109
Kailua, HI 96734


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do this one thing for a better weekend

Go for a bike ride! No bike? No problem. Biki, a bike share program, has 1,000 bikes dispersed over 100 stations. A one day pass, costing less than a cup of designer coffee, is all the incentive necessary to get outside, bask in the sun and move. It is as easy as riding a Biki – literally.

Our Diamond Head route, created for Aloha Holoholo’s health and fitness theme this month, was mapped on Bikis.This scenic route is just shy of 9 miles and takes about an hour to complete.  Time flies by when riding past landmarks, surf spots and lush landscapes – feel free to download the map here.

Station #520 near Unity Church has plenty of bikes and is conveniently also located near several cafes. Caffeine, while not essential, is helpful:) Before using our release code (via our Freedom Passes), we’ve learned to check the tires, adjust our seat height, and ensure the chain is on. Pre-check completed, we’re undocked and free to go go go.

What a sight – the Louise Dillingham Memorial fountain with Diamond Head in the background is breathtaking.

Our first glimpse of the Pacific Ocean is at Makalei Park where a wandering path leads to the blue blue water.

One park after another – who does that? We don’t know – but we whole heartily appreciate the gesture. Leahi Beach Park entices us with a welcoming grove of spectacular palm trees.

Coasting down Beach Road was a cinch and the intimacy of seeing ocean waves kiss the shore made it worth the grind back up.

Diamond Head Lighthouse, originally built in 1899, was rebuilt in 1917. It’s red beacon covers 17 nautical miles keeping vessels safe.

Aloha – it really is everywhere.

Waialae Beach Park was our turnaround point. Had we passed it, we would have landed at the Kahala Hotel and Resort. One of our favorite wedding venues, it exudes privacy, luxury, and hospitality. The hotel even has dolphins.

Back tracking on Kahala Avenue towards Waikiki we marveled at the fresh perspective.

We had the option to either cross over to the Fort Ruger Pathway or stay on the Diamond Head Road marked bike path.

We took the Fort Ruger Pathway just because.

Slowing down to consider a HIIT workout at the Bryan Clay Exercise Park for a Honolulu second and then rolling by.

The reward at the end of this rainbow was a joyful downhill cruise and our healthy happy afterglow.

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