valentines day specials at choco le’a

Stay calm:) February 14th is still a little over two weeks away. With that in mind, we sought out a local chocolatier with the right goods to celebrate love, romance, appreciation and friendship.  To our delight we found  Choco le‘a  in Manoa and they specialize in artisan dark chocolate!  A small local business with a splendid mission statement, “Bringing peace to our world, one chocolate at a time.”, it is a gem.  We checked out their  Choco le‘a’s Valentine’s Day Specials and found something for everyone on our lists – from our honeys, to our friends and kids (plus a little something for us). They’ve also made shopping simple, oh snap, with an option to pre-order using their valentine’s day order form.

This 18pc VDay Special Set “Love You A ChocoLOT” – 2 each of these 9 flavors: Virgin Lava Flow, Strawberry Nutella w/ Gold Luster, Italian Espresso, Cinnamon, Honey Caramel w/ Heart Sprinkles, Blood Orange, Cardamon Rose Water, Curry & Toffee is $39.99 including red ribbon and placing a special note inside.

4pc Box Custom set is $9.99 – a selection of signature flavors OR 4pc VDay Special “Spice For Your Life/Wife” set is $9.99 – sample one of each of these flavors:: Lilikoi Jalapeno, Lava Flow, Cherry Liqueur, Canadian Ice Wine

Attention Single Ladies (and Gents) 21 years and older.  Play “Single – Wild – Free” (FREE)  – to receive a SINGLE dark chocolate Sangria liqueur truffle in a 1pc box . This special one is absolutely FREE and begins Thursday, 2/1 – Wednesday, 2/14.

All you need to do is go to Choco le`a. They’re open Tuesday-Saturday 10am-6pm. Take a pic in front of their Instagram wall with your “Single – Wild – Free” box.

Follow @chocolehawaii on Instagram and post your pic and tag the end of your caption with @chocoleahawaii and hashtag #singlewildfree

Gift Cards available for $20 & up

“Be Vine” – 2oz Heart Bag Dark Chocolate Dipped Red Vines are $4.49

“Nuts For You / You Drive Me Nuts” – Half-Pound Box of Love is $21.99

Check back Friday 2/2 for other Valentine’s Day ideas from Aloha Holoholo.

Choco le`a
2909 Lowrey Avenue
Honolulu, HI 96822
808. 371.2234

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talk story

contemporary art speaks to our generation – kristen chan

Our “talk story” narratives arise from our drive to know more about intriguing residents of Hawai’i, art and culture.  The format is simple and casual – we meet face to face, pose a few straightforward questions, shoot some photos and document the conversation as it naturally evolves. Whatever cool thing we discover is available here for all that want to tune in and get the scoops too.

Debuting as a docent at the Contemporary Museum of Art nearly twenty years ago, Kristen Chan’s contribution to our community is immeasurable. A generous benefactor who also serves as Board Vice President for both the Honolulu Biennial Foundation (HBF) and the Hawai’i International Film Festival (HIFF), her quest is ensure our city offers not only our mountains & ocean but also art & culture to nourish our souls. We knew that writing about her would make her blush so we chose to write to her instead.

Dear Kristen,

With your son off to college, like many, you are electing to embrace a new chapter of life. Already immersed in organizing the annual Hawaii Film Festival and the 2019 Honolulu Biennial you’re also passionate about Ikebana Sogetsu which we knew nothing about. Your “talk story” about life, the importance of art and it’s profound impact resonated with us too. We agree, contemporary art does speak to our generation and we are touched that you shared so openly.

After our visit, we googled Ikebana Sogetsu and Choi Jeong Hwa, the artist who made the lei Chrissy photographed. Results on him confirmed that this Korean artist has “rock star” status. His reputation made it all the more impressive that he worked on site at Honolulu Hale. There he constructed the “Gather Together” installation for the inaugural 2017 Honolulu Biennial. This is where the back story on your unique lei began.

We have a confession. When you first put on Choi Jeong Hwa’s “lei” we only saw a lei constructed of colorful plastic objects. Thoughtfully, you slipped into “docent” mode to educate us and explained that the plastic objects were actually old fishing net floats that had washed up on our shores. That’s exactly what’s so cool about contemporary art – discovery. This artist was able to revive and transform floats littering our beach into an au courant lei – clever, environmentally friendly and gracious. Thank you sensei – for helping us comprehend the reasons his lei is a treasure to you. While he presented it to you as a gesture of appreciation and respect, he also symbolically passed on a part of himself.

It’s the same with your Ikebana Sogetsu right?  Just a hunch based on your enthusiasm and stunning arrangements. You have motivated us to learn more about this art and we are toying with the idea of becoming your students. Seishu, the name given by your sensei translates to gentle autumn. So Seishu –  will you take us on? We’d like to experience the bliss and euphoria of seeking plant materials the way you do. We were left wondering if nature is the core of the “simplicity” of your arrangements?

Let’s get together soon, ideally over flutes of champagne, to talk more about this & anything or everything else. You are animated, warm and engaging and we find you remarkable!

Sending all our Aloha,

Laura and Chrissy xoxo

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