we love farmer’s markets and feel good about frequenting them

Top 5 reasons to visit your nearest Hawaii Farm Bureau Farmer’s Market

The freshest local veggies, fruits and other agriculture products on the island will be available at the most reasonable prices.

Community Support:
Our farmer’s markets contribute to hawaii agriculture and support those who sustain and nurture our beloved aina (land).

Eat Hawaiian Regional Cuisine:
We have a culture of good food and eating together; so enjoy the abundant prepared foods at the market that reflect our island’s culinary uniqueness.

Hawaii’s open air markets are held in large areas or open lots where meeting farmers/producers at their booth, garnishing first-hand knowledge of their product and mingling with a fun food-centric crowd is all possible in an energetic atmosphere.

What’s Out There:
Eight neighborhood markets are installed throughout the island and each has a weekly tip sheet outlining what’s available that week
Ala Moana Sunday | Aloha Tower Wednesday | KCC Saturday | Mililani Sunday | KCC Tuesday | Honolulu Wednesday | Kailua Thursday

Insider Tip: Arrive near market opening to beat the crowds and get the freshest of the fresh.

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hauʻoli makahiki hou

January 1, 2018

Knowing this day (more than any other) renews commitments to health and fitness, we’ve focused the upcoming posts on wholesome food and where to get your “move” on.

We kick off this Friday with where to find the best local produce. The following Monday we’ll post our first Holoholo Map sharing a terrifically scenic walking, biking, or running route. Stay tuned all January for more ways to stay on track with healthy resolutions.

We’ve got your back on this one!

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