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Salvage Public created by a trio of men, is predominately for kane (man/male) but the good news for wahine (woman/female) is that the t-shirts are unisex. Chrissy just loves this brand and tells me that she has been collecting their unique hip t-shirts since day one.

What is outstanding about this brand? They’ve managed to successfully blend modern, minimal and local into stylish clothing and gear.The island’s most casual phrases like “howzit”  or “hang loose hawaii” at Salvage Public are taken from the streets and through smart and fashionable design – elevated.Located at South Shore Market, the space offers a gallery like backdrop for their contemporary designed t-shirts, Aloha shirts, shorts, flip flops, surf boards and more.The store, consistent with everything they design, is function and form. Each element is intentionally essential and produces a clean, tidy and fresh impression –  a perfect example – note the Salvage Public logo based on Diamond Head’s world famous profile.Chrissy and I both have traveled to Paris so the white t- shirt with letters in red, beige and blue letters compose the French phrase “Waikiki, Qu’est’ce qui se passe”  loosely translated to “Waikiki, What’s Happening?” or in pidgin “Howzit?” is a hit. I was going to buy it when Chrissy told me she already owns it. No “matchy matchy” shirts for us.I have been told that by joining the Salvage Public mailing list I can get a first look/preview of new collections and collaborations. Maybe that’s the advantage that will help me be the first to buy the Salvage Public t-shirt we both want,… – just kidding 🙂

Salvage Public
South Shore Market
1170 Auahi Street, Space 165
Honolulu, HI 96814

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