to the north shore but first…coffee


For a change of pace, us city dwellers take a road trip to the North Shore. Rolling out early is easy because the dress code is simple – pony tail (pigtails for Chrissy), bathing suit, shorts, and slippahs.

While the dawn light is still pastel pink and lavender, we cruise towards the H2. With each passing mile, we slip from concrete towers to fields striped in red terra and jade spiky pineapple plants.  Our deep exhales are quickly followed by hunger and the desire for caffeine.

Just after exiting H2,  “country” begins in Wahiawa and time accordingly slows down. Parking the car in the unpaved lot and swinging our legs out of the car – we stretch and follow the aroma of roasted coffee beans to Green World Coffee Farm.

We roll with the easy vibe, scan the walls to find our favorite posters, and share our amusement over the most clever of slogans. On the grassy area adorable keiki scoot around while their mamas huddle over a mug of coffee.

Up today –  a mango matcha smoothie, an ice coffee and a freshly picked blossom from this cutie.

Next – off to Hale‘iwa for whatever waits for us there!

Green World Coffee Farm

71-101 Kamehameha Hwy

Wahiawa, HI 96786

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