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Emntr’s kickoff event at the Hideout last Tuesday night was triumphant. The intimate gathering included accomplished professionals and surf icons who mingled over cocktails & pupus. Time flew by with live music, a fire pit, and good all around vibes.

Pictured top left to right going clockwise: Tyler Kingdon, Ridley Kelley, Mark Healey, Jason Shibata, Jamie Sterling, Kate Walsh, Flynn Novak, Dave Goto, Kanika Chander

Our island is renowned for its waves and its homegrown surfers. These guys caught their first wave as keiki and have not been out of the water since. There is a theory that it takes 10,000 hours to mastery. If you apply that to this crew, their skill, expertise and knowledge are off the charts. So imagine for a moment how epic a surf session alongside one of these legends would be. Well Emntr did!

Pictured left to right: Kanika Chander and Dave Goto of Emntr

Emntr’s platform connects enthusiasts (at any level) to resident surf stars. Access to athletes of this caliber, formerly a pipe dream, is now attainable through Emntr’s app. Not only is booking possible – it’s simple.

Pictured left to right: Mark Healey, Jason Shibata, Flynn Novak, Jamie Sterling

Pictured: Jason Shibata

Pictured: Jamie Sterling and Kate Walsh

All the surfers we met were personable and down to earth. Stories about huge waves and quivers stashed all over the world kept us entertained.

Pictured left to right: Laura Lewis and Flynn Novak

Pictured: Rob Mora of Hakkasan Group (Yauatcha and Herringbone)

Pictured:Casea Collins-Wright of Surfjack Hotel & Swim Club

Pictured left to right: Francisco Hernandez of Halekulani, Ridley Kelley of Emntr, Vanessa Greene of Halekulani

Stoked after an evening hanging with the Emntr crew, including the elite local surfers on their team, we thanked our lucky stars for the amazing opportunities that occur right in our own backyard. Call it home court advantage.

Pictured left to right: Mark Healey, Jason Shibata, Flynn Novak, Jamie Sterling

Will there be a future post of us hitting the waves with a Surf Emntr? Dare we brave the North Shore? Stay tuned…,

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