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When I was a kid, Thanksgiving was always a big deal. My father took charge and brought home the biggest turkey our oven would hold. It was roasted in a paper grocery bag and the rustling in the kitchen was heard before dawn. While my brothers, sister and I played, we smelled the fragrant aromas of a traditional meal being prepared by mom & dad. Thus my happy association with this holiday.  Fast forward to moving to Hawaii, far from my family and our traditions. Over the last 20 years, I have explored a variety of Thanksgiving day meal celebrations including making a reservation and dining out at a restaurant. If the simplicity of eating out is appealing – here are the places in Honolulu that aloha holoholo suggests:

1. Mahina & Suns – Thanksgiving Harvest Feast $65 per guest 

2. The Hau Tree Lanai –  Thanksgiving Brunch $59 per guest

3. Moku Kitchen – Thanksgiving Menu $34.95 per guest

4. KCC Culinary Institute/Leahi Concept Kitchen –  Thanksgiving set menu is $55 per person

5. 100 Sails –  Thanksgiving Day Brunch $69   dinner buffet $69

6. Chef Chai – Special Thanksgiving Dinner is $63 or $88 w/wine pairing

7. dk Steakhouse  – Traditional Thanksgiving Turkey Dinner* $28.00

8. Sansei – Traditional Turkey Dinner $29.95 per dinner

9. Plumeria Beach Cafe or Hoku’s – brunch & dinner options

10. Barefoot Beach Cafe Waikiki –  prix fixe dinner $22 -$25 per guest

Thanksgiving reminds us to be grateful – everyday.

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