lucy’s lab creamery. – can I say cool when writing about ice cream?


Lucy was special. The reason I think this is because her son, Lee Wang, named his ice cream store in her honor. While Lucy is no longer with us, I feel she would be proud and excited that her son Lee is having a blast experimenting with whimsical ice cream flavors and moreover sharing this joy with others. As moms ourselves (Chrissy has identical twin boys and I have two grown sons), one of our deepest hopes is that they love what they do. Lucy’s Lab Creamery at South Shore Market revolves around a science laboratory theme. Being a self professed nerd, I grin at the periodic table format menu, the test tubes of toppings, and the goggles. This theme encourages us to go beyond vanilla for a bite of adventure, to think outside of the box and try new things thus helping us become playful scientist ourselves.So thank you Lucy and Lee. Lucy’s Lab Creamery is a positive metaphor for our life journey. Life is mostly a sweet adventure – celebrate, do the things you love, try new things, savor, share and give back. Lucy through her son Lee’s creamery perpetuates this message including giving back by donating a portion of Lucy Lab Creamery proceeds to support breast cancer research.

Lucy’s Lab Creamery
South Shore Market
1170 Auahi Street, Space 143
Honolulu, HI 96814

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