king street tacos is mexcellent!

Our buddy, Jim, tipped us off that his friend, Rebecca, opened a taco joint.

Her vibrant quirky stand with lovingly prepared tasty Mexican food instantly became one of our most frequented lunch spots.

Turns out King Street Tacos has the most absolutely tender and lean Carne Asada bites ever. Oh, Carne Asada stack! Oh, Carne Asada tacos!

Bésame Mucho = Kiss Me Alot


Rebecca loved your surprise visit for lunch. Wow, you get full surprisingly fast – lol – we ate more then you! Thanks for the tip, your company and for sharing your rice:)


Laura and Chrissy

This is that rare place where it is possible to refuel with homemade foods in a snap. The whammy sauce options, well balanced flavors + combinations of crispy/soft textures make us drool.

So BYOB (love that) or pick something cool, sweet and hydrating from their fridge. The sodas are a great foil for spicy flavors or try the horchata (rice milk with cinnamon and other goodness).

Qué delicioso -if the doors are open so is King Street Tacos.

King Street Tacos

1273 South King Street

Honolulu, HI 96814


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take me anywhere – aloha superette

We’re often asked “Where do people who live in paradise go to vacation?”.  Everywhere is the answer. The globetrotting Aloha Superette crew who return with treasures from their adventures overseas is proof of that. Lucky for us!

Aloha Superette is a small shop that’s large on personality. Wander in and find an unexpected bazaar stocked with goods in fearless colors and eye-catching prints. The wares, from here and shores afar, are delightful and irresistible.

Behold Samudra’s line of vibrant pouches and totes.  Aloha Holoholo is smitten with these because wherever we go there’s a bit of home with us.

Ditto for these stylish shirts. Island inspired and with the perfect blend of formal and casual we can wear these here or abroad.

We whooped with delight sighting Hervé Chapelier totes from our beloved Paris and Australia’s State of Escape carryalls.

One thing about living in Hawai‘i, returning home is always sweet. First thing off the plane,  we grab our surf boards,  wax, towels and greet the ocean with all of our hearts.


Aloha Superette
438 Uluniu St.
Kailua, HI 96734

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