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Stay calm:) February 14th is still a little over two weeks away. With that in mind, we sought out a local chocolatier with the right goods to celebrate love, romance, appreciation and friendship.  To our delight we found  Choco le‘a  in Manoa and they specialize in artisan dark chocolate!  A small local business with a splendid mission statement, “Bringing peace to our world, one chocolate at a time.”, it is a gem.  We checked out their  Choco le‘a’s Valentine’s Day Specials and found something for everyone on our lists – from our honeys, to our friends and kids (plus a little something for us). They’ve also made shopping simple, oh snap, with an option to pre-order using their valentine’s day order form.

This 18pc VDay Special Set “Love You A ChocoLOT” – 2 each of these 9 flavors: Virgin Lava Flow, Strawberry Nutella w/ Gold Luster, Italian Espresso, Cinnamon, Honey Caramel w/ Heart Sprinkles, Blood Orange, Cardamon Rose Water, Curry & Toffee is $39.99 including red ribbon and placing a special note inside.

4pc Box Custom set is $9.99 – a selection of signature flavors OR 4pc VDay Special “Spice For Your Life/Wife” set is $9.99 – sample one of each of these flavors:: Lilikoi Jalapeno, Lava Flow, Cherry Liqueur, Canadian Ice Wine

Attention Single Ladies (and Gents) 21 years and older.  Play “Single – Wild – Free” (FREE)  – to receive a SINGLE dark chocolate Sangria liqueur truffle in a 1pc box . This special one is absolutely FREE and begins Thursday, 2/1 – Wednesday, 2/14.

All you need to do is go to Choco le`a. They’re open Tuesday-Saturday 10am-6pm. Take a pic in front of their Instagram wall with your “Single – Wild – Free” box.

Follow @chocolehawaii on Instagram and post your pic and tag the end of your caption with @chocoleahawaii and hashtag #singlewildfree

Gift Cards available for $20 & up

“Be Vine” – 2oz Heart Bag Dark Chocolate Dipped Red Vines are $4.49

“Nuts For You / You Drive Me Nuts” – Half-Pound Box of Love is $21.99

Check back Friday 2/2 for other Valentine’s Day ideas from Aloha Holoholo.

Choco le`a
2909 Lowrey Avenue
Honolulu, HI 96822
808. 371.2234

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